Arsenic Protocol

A working group has been formed comprising SWCLF members to develop a protocol for evaluating the bioavailability of arsenic in soils.  Given the importance of this issue in the south-west, the intention is develop produce a straightforward, scientifically sound methodology that will be readily accepted by regulators, consultants and clients alike on the majority of sites.

The BGS and PHE are to provide input to the working group at a meeting in Spring 2016.  Further input and comments from interested parties is welcomed.

The outline protocol chapters is presented below:

  1. Define aim, purpose and scope of protocol
  2. Sources, forms and background concentrations of Arsenic
  3. Health effects and toxicological approaches
  4. Basic Characterisation
  5. Exposure Model
  6. Bioaccesibility
  7. Remediation
  8. Validation
  9. Key issues and uncertainties